Many people dream of retiring early but don’t have a plan to make it happen. While wise consumers know that spending less and saving more is the “simple” first step in achieving early retirement, that’s not always enough. It often takes a combination of strategies—some obvious, some not—to reach the threshold that will allow you to exit the workforce early. 

The experts at Forbes Finance Council understand that it takes more than cutting some weekly costs for you to be adequately prepared to retire early. Below, 15 of them share some smart strategies that can be particularly effective when you’re building a nest egg in anticipation of early retirement.


4. Automate Your Savings

A recent Bankrate survey found that 51% of Americans have less than three months’ worth of emergency savings. It’s hard to actively save from each paycheck. That’s why I recommend automating your savings so you can set it and forget it. Pick a number you’re comfortable with (anything is better than nothing), and have that amount automatically deducted from your paycheck and put into a retirement account. – Kathleen Craig, Plinqit