High Yield Savings

By Plinqit

Your bank. New markets. Branded however you like.

Want to test a digital brand for your bank, without breaking the bank? With High Yield Savings by Plinqit, now you can. High Yield Savings by Plinqit is a fully white label, end-to-end product with high growth potential and minimal investment.

Dip your toe into a digital bank brand for a fraction of the investment.

High Yield Savings by Plinqit offers you high-growth deposits on a highly scalable platform with low operating costs. It also includes:

Account Opening

Know Your Customer

Money Movement

Online/ Mobile Banking

Account Ledger

Reporting Tools

It’s the power of your bank, branded for a specific affinity – think Green Leaf Savings for the cannabis industry, or MediBank for physician groups, or Bank of Faith for religious organizations. With High Yield Savings by Plinqit, you can now try that side car brand you’ve been thinking about.

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