Free Samples

Figure out where to start.

Whether you’re expanding your mobile presence, expanding your eServices team, or gearing up for Apple Pay, check out the PDFs below for some help figuring out where to start.

Empower & Educate Your Customers

Are you looking for ways to educate your customers during Financial Literacy Month?

You have a unique opportunity to help your customers improve their financial literacy, a critical life skill that can help them make better financial decisions. Let’s explore some ways that you can educate and empower your customers to improve their financial literacy.

eServices Roadmap

Do you have your plan for eServices documented?

Having a plan for your customer facing technology is critical in this fast paced digital world. By documenting your roadmap everyone in your organization from the board of directors to the front line knows where you are headed.

Gearing up for Apple Pay

Are you ready for Apple Pay?

If your bank is approved by Apple or is on the waiting list and getting closer, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of this partnership.

eServices Job Description

Are you hiring a new eServices team member?

If you’re planning on expanding your team with an eServices role, here is a sample job description that you can use to find the ideal candidate to join you.

Mobile Website Checklist

Are you asking the right questions?

If you’re creating a new mobile web presence, use our free checklist to get a head start in understanding how to craft a great experience for your customers.

Mobile Banking Checklist

Are you meeting your mobile banking needs?

If you’re creating your own mobile banking presence use our free checklists to get a head start in understanding how to craft a great experience for your customers.

Back to School Tips

Fresh Financial Education Ideas to Fill Your Pocket Folders

Working in the financial education space, we get to see all kinds of amazing activities community banks and credit unions are doing to help families teach children to be smart about money. Here are a few of our favorite financial education and community outreach ideas for the coming school year.

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