Enhance the digital experience for your customers with our patented Learn-to-Earn content module.

Welcome to Vi.Ledger

Built upon our core module, the Vi.Ledger suite of APIs allows you to get to market faster. From our simple-to-use ledger allowing endless virtual account management (VAM) options to our Learn to Earn module creating better engagement with your users, use our turn-key solution to focus on your unique differentiators.

Our core module

A secure and easy to use API-driven virtual ledger. 

  • Single tenant RESTful API
  • Journal driven immutable data
  • Full transaction logging
  • API, SFTP, and Portal access
  • Data encrypted at rest
  • API access to read/write logs
  • Configurable statement engine
  • Cloud-hosted and containerized

Vi.Ledger features

As builders of applications and business intelligence tools for financial institutions, our mission is to help you forge and broaden your customer engagement. Our technology platforms allow you to offer:

Learn-to-Earn Content Monetization Platform

Our patented content module incentivizes your customers’ engagement by rewarding users when they consume financial content.

  • VL and VAM integration
  • Create your own content or use our ready-to-go content library
  • Full API support
  • Customizable reports
  • Increases loyalty and depth of wallet

Virtual Account Management System

Vi.Ledger’s turn-key VAM solution empowers your application so you can focus on expanded product offerings.

  • Unlimited primary/sub accounts
  • Configurable workflows i.e. ODP
  • Embedded velocity controls
  • Virtual ledger integration
  • External money movement w/ACH
  • FBO supported virtualization
  • Easy integration with SDKs
  • Rules-based workflows/configuration

Transaction Intelligence

Turn your transaction data into actionable intelligence using Vi.Ledger’s AI-driven transaction insights API and dashboard.

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Virtual ledger integration
  • Pre-defined categorization
  • Customizable, embedded modules
  • AI powered pattern analysis
  • End-to-end data encryption

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