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Our Latest Webinars


How Retail Habits Influence Digital Transformation

New research reveals how consumers’ savings and retail habits impact your digital banking roadmap. Learn how to pave the way for financial wellness, no matter the economic challenges, in this Independent Banker hosted discussion with Plinqit CEO Kathleen Craig.


CUFEN Presents Plinqit

In this webinar hosted by the Credit Union Financial Education Network (CUFEN), formerly National Youth Involvment Board (NYIB),  Kathleen Craig, Founder and CEO of Plinqit, Inc. (formerly HT Moblie Apps) and  Zach Eychaner with  4Front Credit Union share how the past several years they have been focused on adult financial education through their goal based saving product, Plinqit, and how it is working at 4Front Credit Union.

To learn more about CUFEN, their website is found here: https://www.cufen.org


Leveraging Personalized Content to Expand Member Relationships.

Koren Greubel of West Community Credit Union and Zach Eychaner of 4Front Credit Union discuss ways that they have been successful in leveraging key data about their members to provide highly personalized messaging and engagement to deepen relationships and provide true value to members.


Three Community Bank Executives Share the Role of Digital in their Unique Growth Strategies.

Plinqit is excited to bring three highly-regarded, community bank leaders to the ‘virtual table’ to share their thoughts on the new banking environment and how it will impact digital strategy and bank growth over the next 12 to 18 months.

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