In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, the insights from Velera (formerly PSCU/Co-op Solutions) “Approaching Member Centricity from the Inside Out” report – combined with key takeaways from the recent Velera 2024 TH!NK conference – underscore a pivotal theme: consumers’ desire to control their personal economy and pursue financial happiness.

Empowering personal economy control

Today’s consumers want more control over their financial lives, a sentiment echoed by Kasey Stinson from Velera, who stated, “Credit unions are in the pursuit of happiness business.” This desire for control and happiness is deeply intertwined with financial wellbeing. A credit union’s goal is to empower members to take charge of their personal economies, providing them with the tools and support necessary to craft their own financial happiness.

The importance of early engagement

The “Approaching Member Centricity from the Inside Out” report emphasizes the importance of engaging with consumers early in their financial journey. Establishing a relationship at the outset is crucial, as it builds a foundation of trust that grows as members’ financial stability increases. For credit unions, this means attracting members who are just beginning to understand and navigate their financial paths and supporting them every step of the way.

Plinqit’s role in enhancing financial wellbeing

Plinqit’s innovative automated savings platform aligns perfectly with these needs. By facilitating seamless savings and providing interactive financial education, Plinqit helps credit unions attract and engage members from the onset of their financial awareness. This not only helps in building long-term relationships but also empowers members to take control of their savings and financial goals, contributing to their overall pursuit of happiness.

Building long-term relationships through daily interactions

Daily interactions, as highlighted in the report, are a cost-effective and impactful way to grow long-term, profitable relationships. Plinqit enhances this engagement through automated savings mechanisms and educational content, which keeps financial well-being a continuous focus for users. This consistent engagement helps credit unions not only meet immediate savings goals but also position themselves as trusted advisors for future financial decisions.


Combining the strategic insights from the latest research with the themes from the Velera TH!NK conference, it is clear that the path to successful member-centricity involves understanding and addressing the unique needs and desires of consumers. Plinqit offers a powerful tool for credit unions to attract, retain, and engage members, supporting their journey towards financial stability and happiness. By investing in technologies and strategies that prioritize early engagement and ongoing interaction, credit unions can enhance their member services, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant in a digitally evolving landscape. This is how we start turning the pursuit of financial happiness into a reality for our members.

Julie Esser, an experienced marketing and business development executive who has worked with credit unions and Fintech organizations for nearly 40 years, founded IgniteFI. Julie consults and shares content on behalf of Plinqit. She has successfully built, operationalized, and led marketing, communications and product marketing programs for several world-class companies. And over the course of many years, she’s built a network of trusted connections within the credit union industry.