Michigan-based fintech attains mortgage and retirement comparison tool to broaden its product portfolio


ANN ARBOR, Mich., August 27, 2019HT Mobile Apps, (HTMA), announced today that it has acquired Hip Pocket™, a platform that engages mobile and website visitors by using social influence and personalized consultation to generate new, qualified mortgage and retirement leads.


Since launching in 2013, Hip Pocket has worked with banks and credit unions in the mortgage and retirement space to create more leads through pure comparison. By comparing mortgage rates and retirement accounts to customers’ peers, banks and credit unions are able to talk about money in a personal way that helps consumers get a better deal while also making informed, sound financial decisions.


To grow their offerings to financial institutions, HTMA acquired Hip Pocket. Similar to its existing products, Hip Pocket was designed to help people save money while creating a way for banks and credit unions to connect with their customers. Recognized by leading financial publications and featured at Finovate Spring, Hip Pocket offers financial institutions a differentiator and competitive edge, giving them insights about their customers to increase engagement and retention.


“HTMA was created from a passion for technology and financial literacy,” said Kathleen Craig, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HT Mobile Apps. “Hip Pocket is a great complement to our range of products. Each of our products empower customers to grow their knowledge of personal finances while also helping financial institutions provide better digital offerings and develop more meaningful relationships with their customers. We are excited to acquire this innovative technology.”



About HTMA

Michigan-based HTMA is an innovative FinTech company serving banks and credit unions across the country to easily and cost-effectively introduce new services for attracting and retaining customers.  HTMA offerings include Banker Jr., Member Jr., and now Plinqit, the first savings app of its kind that pays users for engaging with content through its patent-pending Build Skills™. For more information, visit www.htmobileapps.com.


About Hip Pocket

Hip Pocket™ engages your mobile and website visitors by using social influence and personalized consultation to generate new, qualified mortgage or retirement leads.

We help banks and credit unions provide an engaging, intuitive user experience that marries the emotional and logical purchase decisions. For more information, visit www.hippocket.net.